9 mm OTs-35 pistol

9 mm OTs-35 pistol9 mm OTs-35 pistol

The 9 mm OTs-35 pistol is designed for close-in fight ing.
It is basically the Makarov pistol fitted with an 8-mm long recoil compensator. The recoil compensator permits both the PM standard cartridges and the PBM increased penetration capacity cartridges to be fired from the weapon. While the modification of the Makarov pistol with the recoil compensator is not labor-consuming, it reduces recoil to some extent and, above all, considerably reduces barrel climb, the principal drawback of the PM pistol. The advantages of the recoil compensator manifest themselves when a rapid fire is delivered from the weapon.


Specifications OTs-35

Caliber: 9 mm
Cartridge: 9×18 mm PM, PBM
Weight unloaded: 0,76 kg
Length pistol: 185 mm
Length barre: 88 mm
Width: 33 mm
Effective range of fire: 50 m
Effective rate of fire: 30 rds/min
Muzzle velocity: 315 m/s
Magazine capacity: 8 rds


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