1Р77 Gunsight

1Р77 Gunsight1Р77 Gunsight

The 1P77 sight is designed for aiming during firing from the PKMN and Pecheneg machine guns.

The 1P77 sight was created by order of the Ministry of Defense of Russia in 2005 based on the E.G. Popov’s optical schematics by a development team including S. I. Mikhalenko, Т. К. Sinitsyna and T. A. Kuznetsova.

For the 1P77 machine-gun sight, the basic requirements were magnification at the level of the PSO-1 sight and a wide field of view.
The sight employs an optical arrangement with a Pechan prism erecting system and sighting angles setting by moving the reticle. The input range is displayed in the bottom part of the field of view. Alignment with the weapon is carried out by moving the lens. As in the 1P76 sight, the reticle is illuminated by a tritium light source.

— wide field of view;
— small size;
— indication within the field of view of the input range with illumination at nighttime by a radioluminescent light source;
— sighting angles and range value are input simultaneously.

Chief Designer: S. I. Mikhaienko

Developed by: Tochpribor Central Design Bureau. Novosibirsk.

Manufactured by: NPZ Optics State Plant.

Sight Rifle 1P77 machine gun on PKMNSight Rifle 1P77 machine gun on PKMN

Performance Characteristics 1P77

Magniflrcation factor: 4
Angular field of view of the sight(meters at 100 m), deg: .10 (17,3)
Sight resolution in the center of the field of view (З°З0′), s, maximum: 12
Exit pupil diameter, mm, minimum: 6
Eye relief, mm, minemum: 32
Boresighting range:
— elevation adjustment: 0-10
— halving adjustment: 0-10
Optical transmission coefficient, minimum: 0,7
Input range for firing range, m: 400-1200
Dimensions, mm: 205х95х71
Maximum weight, kg: 0.95

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