Anti-Sniper Special Purpose Night Vision Sights

Night sight special 1PN119Night sight special 1PN119

The Anti-Sniper special-purpose night vision sights are designed for detection of optical and optoelectronic sights (observation devices) by a splash of light from focally arranged elements of the optical system and for finding their range. As an illuminator, the use is made of an injection laser.

Developed by order of the Russian Ministry of Defense with a view of countersniping and controlling sensitive facilities.
— 1PN106 for the 7,62-mrn SVD and SVDS rifles;
— 1PN119 for the 7.62-mm PKMN and Pecheneg machine guns;
— 1PN120 for the 9-mm SVDK rifle;
— 1PN121 for the 12.7-mm ASVK rifle;
— 1PN123 for the SV-98 rifle.

— a quasi-continuous semiconductor pulsed laser emitter with the LFO modulation of emission pulses;
— a combination of a narrow-band interference filter with switched power supply of the optoelectronic image intensifier provides for operation in a wide range of light intensity from 1.5×104 to 1.5×10-4 Ix;
— provide for detection of camouflaged enemy;
— have no parallel.

Chief Designer: P. G. Goiubev.

Developed by: Tochpribor Central Design Bureau, Novosibirsk.

Manufactured by: NPZ Optics State Plant.

Night sight special 1PN121Night sight special 1PN121

Performance Characteristics Sighting channel

Apparent magnification factor: 3.8
Angular field of view, deg: 9
Detection range of the PSO-1 type sight, minimum, m: 900
Eye relief, mm: 65
Lens focal length, mm: 100
Exit pupil diameter, mm: 7

Emitting channel

Average emissive power, mW: 9
Field angle, deg: 1,53х0,65
Weight, kg: 3,5
Range of recognition of full-height figure target at natural night light exposure of (3-5)x10³ lx, m: 600
Time of continuous operation from one set of storage batteries under normal сlimatiс conditions minimum, h: 12

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