PKMTPKMT tank machine gun fitted with an electric trigger

As the PK was adopted with the PKT (Index 6P7) tank machine gun and the PKB (6B10) armored personnel carrier machine gun, so together with the PKM appeared the PKMT (6P7M) tank machine gun and the PKMB (6P10M) armored personnel carrier machine gun. The tank machine gun features a more heavy barrel that permits to deliver more intensive fire. Its gas-regulator operates on the principle of changing the cross-section of the gas-bleeder and not on the principle of gases exhaust as was the case with the PK and PKM machine guns in an effort to prevent extra gas pollution in the combat compartment of the tank. The PKMT does not have the sighting aids of its own, the operating handle and the stock, the appearance of the receiver is changed. The spring of the guiding tube of a piston rod removes the gap or the clearance between the tube and the receiver. The PKMT is equipped with an electric trigger mechanism. The tank machine gun is employed as the coaxial and the course weapon on the remotely controlled mounts.

The PKMT was manufactured at the Kovrov Mechanical Plant and the Zlataust Machine-Building Plant.
The PKMT weighs without ammunition load 11.705 kg.

Specifications PKMT

Caliber: 7,62 mm
Cartridge: 7,62 x 53 R
Weight of barrel: 3,2 kg
Weight w/o ammunition load: 11,705 kg
Machine gun length: 1,098 mm
Barrel length: 722 mm
Bullet muzzle velocity: 855 m/sec
Rate of fire: 600-800 rds/min
Effective rate of fire: 250 rds/min
Sighting range: 1500 m

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