AEK-906 «Nosorog» revolvers

9 mm AEK-906 «Nosorog» revolvers
AEK-906 «Nosorog» revolvers

Intended to engage the enemy at short ranges.

It features a good balance and a close pattern of fire, which is attained by approximatiing the revolver center of gravity to the bore axis and lowering the fire line relative to the firer’s hand. The revolver whip is decreased at discharge,
which facilitates rapid recovery of the weapon position for subsequent aiming and firing.
The revolver can be fitted with a laser target designator which is attached above the barrel.


Specifications AEK-906 «Nosorog»

Cartridge: 9x18mm PM / PMM 9x19mm Para
Muzzle velocity, m/s: 290 / 365
Sighting range, m: 50
Overall dimensions, mm: 210 x 37 x 145
Barrel length, mm: 75
Empty weight, kg: 0.8.
Trigger pull, kgf: 3 / 3.35
Cylinder capacity, rds: 6


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