Revolvers Russia

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Revolver - a weapon with a rotating drum chamber which are premises for patrons and the chamber of the barrel. Rigidly mounted in the trunk of his own frame of the chamber has not. Significant advantage drum weapons - the possibility of production of the next shot with flash in the pan without recharging, and relatively simple design and reliable in use. Disadvantages: The duration of recharging, a large transverse dimensions, tight downhill.

In Russia, the guns have established themselves as a personal weapon with the 70-ies.

To appoint distinguished military guns (military), civil and sporting targets. Combat revolvers was the personal weapon of officers, sergeants and soldiers of individual specialties. Intended to destroy live targets at distances up to 100 m 7,62 - 11.56 mm, weight from 0,75 to 1,3 kg, the number of chambered in the drum is usually 6-7, at the best rate of the samples did not exceed 6.7 shots in a 15-20 sec. For firing a pistol cartridges are used to blunt bullet has high stopping power (in which the enemy immediately prevented from owning weapons and move). Fuses from accidental gun shots, usually did not. In the Russian army were armed with revolvers of Smith - Wesson mod. 1871, 1874 and 1880, replaced in the late XIX century revolver arr. 1895 of Nagano, the last was in service in the Soviet Army. With the advent of automatic pistols and their development in the 1 st floor. Twentieth century, military guns were gradually decommissioned army, although during the 2-nd World War, they were widely used major warring armies. Civilian gun is a lightweight portable weapon that is convenient for carrying in your pocket. Sports-target pistol designed for sporting purposes, and marksmanship training. The difference, the signs are long sight lines, the high accuracy of the battle, comfortable grip and good balance.

At the end of the twentieth century, Russia has once again raised interest in this seemingly long-forgotten weapon as a revolver. Despite the fact that they are representatives of non-automatic weapons, in recent years, there are many new models of domestic revolvers that were created by recent advances as the construction of the weapons and the technology of its production. Standard revolvers classical structures were calculated using special revolver cartridge having a sleeve with a rim (flange), which ensures their correct position in the chamber drum - a focus rim is tight chamber, and simplifies the extraction of Unloading and spent cartridges. The special features of all modern Russian revolvers is that they are almost without exception, were created under the regular pistol cartridge 9x18 PM with jointless liner (no rim). Therefore, these cartridges require the use of special clips, which are fixed in position after loading of cartridges in the chambers drum. For a number of large-caliber revolvers were designed with new ammunition casings having the rim (flange).