AEK-918G submachine gun

AEK-918G AEK-918G submachine gun

Despite the identical identification and the same cartridges (9×19) used for fire, this submachine gun presents the independent type of weapon.
The AEK-918G is developed according to the “conventional” configuration with arrangement of the magazine in front of the trigger guard. The submachine gun is the blowback operated weapon. The application of the balanced configuration and the use of the muzzle break-compensator permitted to enhance stability of the weapon and low dispersion shot pattern in automatic mode of fire.

The firing mechanism of the hammer type enables the firer to deliver single-shot and automatic fire as well as to fire a three-shot bursts. The need to cut off the bursts due to the extremely high rate of fire was necessary if only because the three-shot burst takes a little more than 1/10 of a second. When the safety device is placed in its “safety” position then the groove intended for passage of an operating handle arranged to the right is blocked.

field-stripped AEK-918G submachine gun: 1 – receiver cover; 2 – re coil mechanism; 3 – boll assembly; 4 – handguard; 5 – barrel with the receaver the p sioi grip and the slock; 6 – rnagazflne

The weapon is fed from the 30-round box arc-shaped magazine. The local 7N21 cartridge as well as the foreign made 9×19 cartridge may be used for delivering fire. The iron sight is fitted with a tumbling backsight.

The cold stamping from cast materials following subsequent welding and high-strength cast plastics were extensively used in production of many parts of the weapon. The submachine gun features a skeleton-type folded to the right stock.

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Specifications AEK-918G

Caliber: 9 mm
Cartridge: 9×19 “luger”, 7N21
Weapon weight w/o cartridges: 2.65 kg
Weapon length:
w/removed stock: 425 mm
w/extended stock: 660 mm
Barrel length: 180 mm
Bullet muzzle velocity: 500 (7N21) m/sec
Rate of fire: 1500 rds/min
Effective rate of fire w/3-shot bursts: 100 rds/min
Sighting range: up to 200 m
Magazine capacity: 30 rds

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