PP-2000 submachine gun

PP-2000 submachine gun PP-2000 submachine gun with a folded stock

Light arid compact submachine guns still generate much interest in the capacity of self-defence weapons. The Tula- based Instrument Design Bureau developed the unique PP-2000 submachine gun, fielded with the Russian Ministry of Interior.

The magazine is inserted into the pistol grip and the barrel is mounted as low as possible relatively to the grip. A suppressor can be attached to the muzzle. The bore is chrome-plated.

The submachine gun is blowback-operated. The front part of the blot assembly mounts a rod with the flipping cocking handle, which can be operated by either hand, and set parallel to the barrel to reduce the width of the submachine gun. The recoil spring is accommodated in the boltway.

The hammer-type trigger assembly is mounted in the grip. The submachine gun is fired when the breechblock is locked, which combined with the good balance and the low arrangement of the barrel improves the accuracy of fire. The weight and the centre of gravity of the gun allow it to be fired one-handed, with the relatively low arrangement of the barrel relatively to the grip reducing the effect of the recoil on the accuracy of one-handed fire. The trigger assembly enables the submachine gun to fire single shots and automatic bursts. The manual safety/fare selector lever is mounted on the left. When the safety as engaged, it locks the sear.

PP-2000 submachine gun PP-2000 submachine gun

The open sights include a protected foresight and a flip-type rear sight (set to a range of up to 100 m and up to 200 m), mounted on the receiver. A step-type rail at the top of the receiver can mount an optical or a collimator sight, the latter can be used as the main one in a close-quarter battle.
Ammunition feed is from a detachable chequerwise box magazine. The magazine release button is set into the base of the trigger guard to speed up reloading when the magazine is empty. The submachine gun fires various types of 9×19 cartridges. The 7N31 found, fired from the PP-2000, penetrates an 8 mm thick steel plate at a range of up to 15 m, and a 5 mm thick steel plate at a range of up to 50 m.

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The body of the submachine gun is made of high-strength plastic, thus, the shooter’s hand almost does not touch metal which is especially convenient in cold weather. The distinctive features of the submachine gun include its raked pistol grip and the fact that the trigger-guard is extended to combine with a forward pistol-grip for ease of handling. The arrangement and configuration of controls make the PP-2000 easy to fire without the stock, one-handed or from the hip — the weapon is primarily designed for close-range engagements.

A spare extended-capacity magazine was originally expected to be used as a detachable shoulder stock. This unique solution was introduced into prototypes. However, such a stock turned out to be rather inconvenient, besides the walls of the magazine faced the risk of deformation thus, the submachine gun was fitted with a light detachable metal stock folding to the right.

РР-2000 submachine gun with a set of removable accessories: 1 – suppressor; 2 – removable sights; 3 – folding metal and permanent synthetic stock; 4 – mcreased-capacity magazine; 5 – spotlight

Specifications РР-2000 submachine gun

Caliber: 9 mm
Cartridge: 9×19 mm Luger/Para, 9х19 7Н31
Weapon weight w/o cartridges: 1,4 kg
Weapon length:
w/extended stock: 582 mm
w/removed stock: 340 mm
Barrel length: 139 mm
Rate of fire: 600 rds/min
Sighting range: up to 200 m
Magazine capacity: 20 or 44 rds

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