MP-444 Baghira

Self-loading pistols MP-444 «Baghira»Self-loading pistols MP-444 «Baghira»

IMZ developed an entire family of pistols around the baseline PYa model each of them being the basis for an independent series.
The MP-444 Baghira pistol (the export designation ‘MP’ stands for ‘Mechanical Plant’) is chambered for the widely popular 9×19 Luger pistol cartridge. While sharing the same short-recoil-operation principle with the Yarygin PYa pistol, the MP-444 is in fact a hammerless striker-fired weapon with a plastic frame and a modified magazine release button. Given changes made to the frame, the locking head assembly has seen slight modifications as well. There are two inclines on the bottom of the barrel, which force the rear portion of the barrel down when the slide recoils and up when it recovers.

The firing mechanism allows the pistol to conduct cocked-striker firing or cock the striker manually for a light trigger release. It is also equipped with a three-position manual safety lever. The striker is cocked with the help of the cocking lever at the rear of the slide, so the shooter has to perform an operation similar to cocking a hammer. The safety lever blocks the striker mechanism in the cocked or the released position, and ensures a safe release (without a shot) of the cocked striker. The automatic safety catch blocks the striker until the trigger is pulled all the way back. The cartridge extractor also serves as a loaded-chamber indicator. The magazine release button can be mounted on either side behind the trigger guard.
The pistol is fitted with a fixed sight with white inserts and a foresight. The frame is made of high-strength thermoplastic and reinforced by a steel insert, which bears the major loads. It has grooves for the attachment o! a spotlight or a laser target designator.
The MP-444K Baghira variant is chambered for less powerful 9x 18 PM and 9×17 “kurz” cartridges.

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Неполная разборка пистолета MP 444 «Багира»

Specifications MP-444 «Baghira»

Cartridge: 9×19 “luger”
Weight w/o cartridges: 0.76 kg
Length: 186 mm
Length of barrel: 101 mm
Bullet muzzle velocity: 420 m/sec
Magazine capacity: 10, 15 rds


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