1PN100 and 1PN114 Day and Night Sights

Sights 1PN100Sights 1PN100

The sights are designed for battlefield surveillance and aimed firing from the AK 74 M and AN 94 assault rifles and SVD and SVDS rifle by day and by night.

— 1PN100 for the 5.45-mm AK 74M and AN-94 assault rifles:
— 1 PN 114 for the 7.62-mnn SVD and SVDS rifles.
The 1 PN 100 and 1PN114 sights differ in values of sighting angles on the reticles.
The sights can operate at an ambient temperature from minus 50°C to plus 50 °C and a relative air humidity of up to 100% at a temperature of 25 °C.

— Gen 3 Ills;
— the sights are switched from the “day” position to the “night” position by a single knob without shifting of the line of sight;
— sighting angles are set using the reticle;
— the sights come complete with a boresighting tube, a device for determination of the state-of-charge of the batteries and with a battery charger;
— availability of individual group and repair SPTA sets.

Chief Designer: N. A, Lyamets.

Developed by: Tochpribor Central Design Bureau, Novosibirsk.

Manufactured by: NPZ Optics State Plant.

Performance Characteristics 1PN100

Apparent magnification factor: 4
Angular field of view, deg (meters at 100 m: )9 (15.6)
Man recognition range by night at the levei of natural night light exposure of (3-5)x10³ lx, m: 450
Eye relief, mm: 50
Boresighfing range:
— elevation adjustment: 0-08
— halving adjustment: 0-08
One-click shift of the aiming point at a distance of 100 m, cm:
— by elevation adjustment screw: 1.6
— by halving adjustment screw: 2.5
Power supply voltage, V: 2.0-3.2
Current consumption, mA, maximum: 65
Dimensions, mm: 311х89х216
Weight, kg: 1.7

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