Tyulpan Unified Gunsight

USP-1 Tyulpan Unified GunsightUSP-1 Tyulpan Unified Gunsight

Is designed for aimed firing from the AK 74, AK 74M, AKMN, AK 101, AK 102 and AK 105 submachine guns and RPK 74N, PKMN and Pecheneg machine guns as in daylight lime so by night at luminous and illuminated targets.

With a view to reducing its weight and size, the USP-1 sight (index 1P29) has an optical arrangement with a prism-erecting system. Sighting angles are set mechanically by turning the sight body relative to the weapon mounting bracket. The sight requires no batteries for illumination of the aiming mark at nighttime — the illumination is provided by a tritium light source. The ranging scale at the edge of the sight field off view provides a means to find visually the range of up to 1200 m of a target 1.5 m high.

Equipment of a submachine gun, light machine gun and general-purpose machine gun with the USP-1 sight affords 1.2-2 times improvement of the small arms fire efficiency with respect to the target hit rate as compared to a mechanical sight and reduction of the tire mission performance time by one-third.

The sight can operate at an ambient air temperature from minus 50°C to plus 50°C and a relative air humidity of up to 100% at a temperature of 25°C.

Entered the inventory of the Russian Armed Forces in 1988.

Chief Designer: L. A. Glyzov.

Developed by: Tochpribor Central Design Bureau, Novosibirsk.

Manufactured by: NP2 Optics State Plant.

Unified gunsight USP-1 on the AK-103 Unified gunsight USP-1 on the AK-103

Performance Characteristics USP-1

Magnification, factor: 4
Field of view, deg (meters at 100m): 8 (14)
Eye relief, mm: 35
Еxit pupil diameter, mm: 6.5
Resolution limit, s: 13
Minimum optical transmission coefficient, %.70
Boresighting range:
— elevation adjustment: .0-0.4
— halving adjustment: 0-0.4
Sight dimension, mm (length, height, width): 203х80х178
Weight, kg: 0.8
Weight of the sight set, kg: 1.25

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