1Р65 “Duplet” Ranging sight

Duplet Ranging sight1Р65 “Duplet” Ranging sight

The 1P65 ranging sight is designed for battlefield surveillance, target reconnaissance, determination of initial firing data and aimed firing from sniper rifles.

The sigh! provides for:
— distance measurement by the laser range finder;
— measurement of the target turn rate;
— input of weapon’s ballistic characteristics, type of ammunition and abnormal firing conditions;
— automatic computation and input of Sighting and lead angles;
— display of relevant service information within the field of view of the sight.

Developed by: Photon Central Design Bureau, Kazan.

Manufactured by: Kazan Optical and Mechanical Plant.

Chief Designer: F. M. Brown.

1Р65 Ranging sight1Р65 “Duplet” Ranging sight

Performance Characteristics 1P65

Magnification factor: 5-12
Angular field of view, deg: 6.1-2.5
Boresngbiang range: 0-10
Range of measured distances, m:
— at a soldier-type target: 50-1500
— at an APC-type target: 50-2500
Maximum distance measurement error, m: 3
Maximum weight of the sight with the bracket, kg: 3

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