PG0-7V Grenade Launcher Optical Sights

PG0-7V Grenade Launcher Optical SightsPG0-7V Grenade Launcher Optical Sights

The PG0-7V grenade launcher optical sight is designed for installation on a grenade launcher and serves for battlefield surveillance and aiming of a hand-held grenade launcher at a target during direct lying fare at immobile and moving targets.

The sight for the hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher was developed in the early 1960s. A compact design with a prism-erecting system, with the boresighting by lens adjustment and a total weight of 0.57 kg made this sight as a long-living weapon as the Kalashnikov gun.

The PGO-7V sight has been produced to the present day and is in operational service with armies of many countries all over the world.

Different modifications of the sight are associated with varieties of grenade launchers and differ in the reticle design styles:
— PGO-7V (index 1OP19-1) — for the RPG-7 and RPG-7D grenade launchers;
— PGO-7V2 (index 1OР19-2) — for the RPG-7D1 and RPG-7V grenade launchers;
— PGO-7V3 (index 1OP19-3) — for the RPG-7VR, RPG-7V1 and RPG-7V2 grenade launchers;
— 1P38 — for the RPG-29N hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher.

For night-time operation, she provision is made for illumination of the aiming reticle.

Chief Designer: N. V. Khomenko.

Developed by: Tochpribor Central Design Bureau. Novosibirsk

Manufactured by: NPZ Optics State Plant.

PG0-7V Grenade Launcher Optical Sights PG0-7V Grenade Launcher Optical Sights

Performance Characteristics PG0-7V

Magnification, factor: 2.7
Field of view (meters at 100m), deg: 13 (22.5)
Eye relief, mm: 27
Еxit pupil diameter, mm: 4.5
Resolution limit, s: 28
Boresighting range:
— elevation adjustment 0-0.8
— halving adjustment 0-0.8
Sight dimension, mm (length, height, width): 140х180х62
Weight, kg: 0.57

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