Family of the PSO-1 Optical Sights

Optical sight PSO-1, left sideOptical sight PSO-1, left side

The PSO-1 sight is designed for aimed fire from 7.62-mm Dragunov sniper rifle SVD (SVDS).

The PSC-1M2-01 and PSO-1 M2-02 modifications of the sight are designed for use on 9-mm and 12.7-mm sniper rifles, respectively The PSO-1 M2-1 modification of the sight is installed on special silent submachine guns and special sniper rifles (VSS).

The PSO-1 sight (PSO-1 M2, the present-day version of the sight) was developed in 1960 for a new SVD rifle. The sight design turned out to be so well-made that it is produced up to now and serves as a prototype for a large variety of other sights for sniping and hunting weapons. The optical arrangement with a relay lens and a mechanism for setting sighting angles by moving the aiming reticle have become the classics.

For firing in the dusk, a reticle illumination system is provided in the sigh; and to exclude side flares from the lens, a pull-out lens hood.

To improve the sight performance in gloomy weather and to enhance image sharpness, the sight is equipped with a light orange color filter.

The sight is fitted with a mechanism for application of vertical and horizontal corrections during zeroing and firing of a weapon.

The sight affords an opportunity to point your weapon quickly, conveniently and precisely under different visibility and atmospheric conditions at an air temperature from -50°C up to +50°C. For sustained use of the sight in cold season, there is a wire power system that enables carrying the power source under your clothes.

To determine the target range, the sight uses the base on target distance measuring technique which consists in that the target image is input into the ranging scale until its edges touch the scale lines. The point of contact between the target image and the scale lines corresponds to tine target range in hectometers (hundreds of meters).

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The PSO-1 sight was put into service in 1963.

Chief Dessgner: A. I. Ovchinnikov.

Developed by: Tochpribor Central Design Bureau, Novosibirsk.

Manufactured by: NPZ Optics State Plant.

Optical sight PSO-1, right side Optical sight PSO-1, right side

Performance Characteristics PSO-1

Sighting range, m: 1300
Magnification, factor: 4
Field of view, deg (meters at 100 m): 6 (10,5)
Eye relief, mm: 68.2
Exit pupil diameter, mm: 6
Resolution limit, s: 12
Minimum optical transmission coefficient, %: 62
Power source for iliummaton of the aiming mark: АА 1.5 V
Sight dimensions (LxHxW), mm: 375х132х70
Weight, kg: 0.58


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