Rys-LD Automated Ranging Sight

Rys-LD Automated Ranging Sight, left sideRys-LD Automated Ranging Sight, left side

The automated ranging sight is designed for aimed firing from small arms.

— built-in laser range finder;
— built-in ballistic computer;
— automatic temperature correction;
— automatic setting of sighting angles;
— availability of several ballistics;
— waterproofing;
— special soft package;
— availability of an adapter bracket.

The sight can be modernized as it pertains to an (increase of the measured range to 1500 m.

Chief Designer: T. A. Romanchuk.

Developed and manufactured by: Tochpribor Central Design Bureau.

The Rys-LD automated ranging sight on the SVD rifle.

Rys-LD Automated Ranging Sight, right sideRys-LD Automated Ranging Sight, right side

Performance Characteristics Rys-LD

Apparent magnification factor: 4
Angle of view, cleg (meters at 100 m): 6 (10.5)
Exit pupiд diameter, mm: 5.7
Eye relief, mm: 40
Emission wavelength, pm: 0.905
Range finding bracket: 50-700
Distance measurement error, m: 5
Number of distance measurements using a single power soiree: 300
Air temperature correction: automatic
Number of ballistics: 5
Range of automatic setting of sighting angles, deg: 1.5
Operating temperature range, °C: -20 – +50
Power supply, V: 3.6 Li-lin battery
Dimensions, mm (HxLxW): 92х315х68


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