OTs-38 special revolver

OTs-38 special revolverOTs-38 special revolver

The OTs-38 special revolver, also known as RSS, was developed a! TsKiB SOO, a KBP subsidiary, under the supervision of I.Ya. Stechkin within the Vorchun R&D project (acronym “OTs’ stands for “Obrazets TsKIB” (TsKIB model)).

The OTs-38 is a silent firearm, intended for special operations and designed to kill enemy manpower at a range of 50 m. Just like the PSS pistol, it is chambered for the 7.62 mm SP-4 “captive-piston” cartridge. The advantage of the revolver as compared with the PSS pistol consists in the fact that all five spent cases remain in the cylinder, which may be of importance to a special operation that requires that no traces are left on the scene.

The revolver features a Hipped-over’ design. The revolver fires a round in the lower chamber of the cylinder A Sow position of the barrel relative to the hand reduces the vertical recoil and improves the accuracy of fire. The cylinder pivots out to the right on an extended cylinder-axis bar for reloading The cylinder is loaded with the help of a five-cartridge clip. Spent cases are also retracted simultaneously in a clip. The clip makes loading faster and easier, in order to maintain the gap between the cylinder and the barrel, necessary for free rotation of the cylinder, there is a special stop, which holds the cylinder to the rear when the finger is on the trigger without any significant trigger pull.

OTs-38 special revolver

The trigger assembly with a half-hidden hammer and a protruding thumbpiece provides for double-action and single-action fire. The ambidextrous manual safety catch blocks the hammer in the cocked position. There is also an automatic safely which prevents discharge of the pistol if the cylinder is incompletely closed, or if the gun is dropped.

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The revolver may be fitted with a laser designator mounted in the upper forward portion of the frame above the barrel. A laser designator switch is mounted on the frame behind the trigger guard.


Specifications OTs-38

Calibe: 7,62 mm
Cartridge: SP.4
Revolver w/o carttriges weight: 0,82 kg w/o LTD 0,88 kg w/LTD
Revolver length: 191 mm
Sighing range: 50 m
Drum capacity: 5 rds


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