R-92 and R-92KS revolvers

R-92 revolversR-92 revolvers

At the Milipol Exhibition held in Moscow in 1992, the KBP instrument Design Bureau, headed by A.G Shipunov. displayed for the first time its revolver chambered for the 9×18 PM cartridge. It demonstrated a new variant, designated R92 as soon as 1993. The new version was significantly improved: the frame became streamlined and more convenient for concealed carry and fast drawing; the extractor and the extractor pin were completely covered by the frame in the combat position. The barrel was also almost completely wrapped around by the frame. The R-92 was positioned as a concealed-carry and a backup weapon. The revolver was put into production at the Kovrov Mechanical Plant in 1994.

The revolver features a swing-out cylinder, which swings out to the left for loading and reloading. The revolver uses a cast frame, which ensures high manufacturability. The cylinder with the extractor is mounted on a pivot Sever (a rocking bar or a rocker’) with the help of a locking bolt, it is removed when the revolver is field-stripped. The cylinder lifter (latch) is mounted on the left side. The cylinder lifter of the R-92 is pulled back, thus, it is fitted with a recess rather than a lug for the thumb, as is the case with most revolvers of a similar design. The cylinder is loaded using a special round clip, which makes reloading faster. Spent cases are ejected from the cylinder simultaneously by depressing the extractor head. The cylinder may be loaded one round at a time without the clip, but in this case simultaneous extraction is impossible.

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The trigger and firing mechanism comprises a semi-exposed hammer and a cylindrical spiral hammer spring. 11 can operate in single-action and double-action modes. When the hammer is cocked, the cylinder rotates. The trigger moves straight back horizontally, a trigger pull is smooth, with no warning.

The revolver is filled with a solid plastic grip. It is pulled up on a pipe in the lower part of the frame and held in place by a screw. The same screw fixes a spacer with an eye for a strap or a cord.

The front of the frame mounts a small foresight with a slanted rear edge. The rear sight is a rectangular groove along the top of the frame, which is typical of pocket revolvers.

The R-92S “service” model, chambered for the very same 9×18 PM cartridge, is available for the personnel of private security companies and other establishments discharging special tasks. In order to comply with the requirement of the Russian Firearms Law that the muzzle energy of service weapons be reduced, bleed-off of expanding power gases between the cylinder chamber and the breech end of the barrel was increased. However, since 1997 the R-92S has been chambered for the less powerful 9×17 short cartridge (R-92KS revolver). The unloaded R-92KS weighs 0.52 kg, and the loaded revolver weighs 0,6 kg.

The R-92 or the R-92S (R-92KS) can be carried with the help of a set of nylon straps or in a leather open shoulder holster, where the revolver is held in place by a buttoned strap. Loaded cartridge clips can be stored in a special case, included in the revolver equipment set. The R-92S service revolver may be supplied with both metal and plastic clips.

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Specifications: R-92 / R-92KS

Caliber, mm: 9 / 9
Cartridge: 9×18 mm PM / PBM 9x17K (9 mm Short)
Overall dimensions, mm: 157 x 120 x 35 / 157 x 120 x 35
Empty weight, kg: 0.52 / 0.52
Firing mechanism: double action
Cylinder capacity, rds: 5 / 5


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