6G30 revolver grenade launcher

6G30 revolve grenade launcher6G30 revolve grenade launcher with a retracted stock

The Tula-based TsKIB SOO developed the RG-6 (index 6G30) man-portable six-shot grenade launcher for law-enforcement units, equipped with 40 mm grenade launchers. The RG-6 (index 6G30) is designed to kill enemy manpower and Bight weapon systems in the open and behind various covers (open foxholes or trenches, reverse slopes, ravines, etc.).

The grenade launcher fires the entire range of 40 mm grenade launcher rounds of various purposes (save for the GMD-40 smoke grenade).

The RG-6 is essentially six 40 mm GP-30 grenade-launcher barrels mounted on a central rotating axis. Each rotating chamber is rifled, while the single barrel into which the spun grenade is launched is not. The trigger assembly is double-action only. When engaged, the safety blocks the hammer. The iron sights include a folding adjustable protected foresight and a tangent rear sight. In the travelling position the rear sight folds over the base of the foresight and is locked. The grenade launcher is fitted with a telescopic butt-stock. When the RG-6 fires at a range of up to 300 m the butt-stock rests against the shoulder, at longer ranges the stock as pressed against the side of the body.

The grenade launcher features a simple design and a reliable operation in any conditions. The weapon is best suited for special police operations, especially those in the urban environment.

6G306G30 revolve grenade launcher with a extended stock


Specifications 6G30 revolve grenade launcher

Caliber: 40 mm
Rounds: VOG-25, VOG-25P, GRD-40 and “Gvozd” (Nail)
Number of barrels: 6
Weapon weight w/o rounds: 6,2 kg
Weapon length:
in combat position: 690 mm
on the march position: 520 mm
Muzzle velocity of a grenade: 73,5 m/sec
Effective rate of fire: no less than 12-15 rds/min
Max.range of fire: 380±15 m

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