RShG-1 multi-purpose rocket weapon

RShG-1 multi-purpose rocket weaponRShG-1 multi-purpose rocket weapon

A high efficiency of the TB6-7 multi-effect thermobaric round against various targets predetermined development of disposable rocket launchers, designed to fire such warheads.

Bazalt developed the RShG-1 multi-purpose assault weapon (‘RShG’ stands for ‘Reaktivnaya Shturmovaya Granata’ or rocket-propelled assault grenade), based on the RPG-27 rocket launcher, in the late 1990s. The RShG-1 entered the inventory in 2002. As is the case with disposable anti-lank rocket launchers, the designation of the new assault weapon is She designation of its round The design project, codenamed “Tavolga-1” was supervised by leading designer S. Kh. Irtuganov.

The multi-effect thermobanc warhead (high-explosive, fragmentation, and incendiary) was taken from the TBG-7 round with only slight modifications. The new round is capable of efficiently killing lightly armoured materiel weapon systems, and manpower in the open or inside various defensive fortifications. The RShG-1 renders enemy manpower ineffective inside rooms with a space of up to 300 rn3B in the open within a casualty radius of up to ten metres, and inside trenches and bunkers when it explodes up to two metres away from a trench or a firing port. The warhead effectiveness is comparable to an explosion of a 122 mm high-explosive/fragmentation projectile.

The rocket motor was taken from the PG-27 round. The launch tube was also taken from the RPG-27 rocket launcher. The only slight modification is its sight, adapted for ballistics of the new round.

The multi-purpose assault weapon has proved its efficiency during urban assault operations.


Specifications RShG-1

Warhead type: thermobaric
Warhead calibre, mm: 105
Weight, kg : 8,3
Length, mm: 1135
Effective range of fire, m: 600
Deployment tame, sec: up to 10

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