RShG-2 multi-purpose rocket weapon

RShG-2 multi-purpose rocket weaponRShG-2 multi-purpose rocket weapon

Bazalt developed the RShG-2 multipurpose assault weapon (‘RShG’ stands for ‘Reaktivnaya Shturmovaya Granata’ or rocket-propelled assault grenade), based on the RPG-26 rocket launcher, in the late 1990s. The RShG-2, fitted with a multi-effect thermobaric warhead (high-explosive, fragmentation and incendiary) entered the inventory in 2003. The design project was supervised by leading designers V. S. Tokarev and I. E. Rogozin.

The new round is capable of efficiently killing lightly armoured materiel, weapon systems and manpower in the open or inside various defensive fortifications. The RShG-2 renders enemy manpower ineffective inside rooms with a space of up to 200 m3 and inside trenches and bunkers when it explodes 0.5-1.0 metres away from a trench or a firing port.

The new assault weapon features the same launch tube as the RPG-26, which makes it easier to be mastered by servicemen. The RShG-2 is fitted with a slightly modified RPG-26 sight, which ensures an effective range of fire of up to 350 m. The fuse detonates the warhead at any angle of incidence.

The new multi-purpose assault weapon boasts the greatest efficiency in urban warfare and fortified areas.


Specifications RShG-2

Warhead type: thermobaric
Warhead calibre, mm: 72,5
Weight, kg: 3,8
Length, mm: 770
Effective range of fire, m: 350
Deployment tame, sec: up to 5
Armour penelraton, mm: 10-15

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