GP 34 rifle-attached grenade launcher

Rifle-attached grenade launcher Russia

GP 34 underbarrel grenade launcher GP-34 underbarrel grenade launcher

In the late 2000s the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant developed the GP-34 grenade launcher, which entered the inventory off the Russian Ministry of Defence in 2009. It is an upgraded version of the GP-25 grenade launcher.

The objective consisted in increasing the production effectiveness, the handling safety, and the reliability of the grenade launcher. The trigger assembly was modified with this end in view. The organic iron sight was modified and moved to the right side of the grenade launcher. The ballistics of the grenade launcher have remained intact.

GP 34 underbarrel grenade launcher based on AK 103GP-34 underbarrel grenade launcher based on AK-103


Specifications GP-34 grenade launcher

Caliber: 40mm
Cartridge: VOG-25, VOG-25P, VOG-25M, VOG-25PM
Weapon weight w/o a round: 1.4 kg
Weapon length: 323 mm
Barrel length: 205 mm
Muzzle velocity: 76 m/sec
Effective rate of fire: 5-6 rds/min
Max. range of fire: 400 m
Max. range of high-angle trajectory fire: 200 m

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