TBG-7V round

RPG-7V anti-tank rocket launcher ammunition

TBG-7V roundTBG-7V round

Certain changes in views on combat operations in the late 1980s — the early 1990s resulted in a requirement for a higher tactical independence of infantry units. One of the ways to solve Shis problem consisted in equipped squads, platoons, and companies with weapons, capable of killing various types of targets.

A rocket with a multi-effect warhead (high-explosive, fragmentation. and incendiary), designed to kill enemy manpower in the open or inside fortifications, soft vehicles, and various fortifications, was one of such developments.

The thermobaric round, designated TBG-7V Tanin, was developed by the Bazait State Research and Production Enterprise (leading engineer A. B. Kulakovsky). The round has a 105 mm thermobaric warhead and a rocket motor and the propelling charge, completely taken form the PG-7VR round. The fuse is located at the base of the round and detonates the warhead at any angle of incidence.

The front part of the rocket body is made so as to deform as intended ‘on hitting a solid obstacle. A shaped-charge jet penetrates 30-40 mm of armour, piercing a hole exceeding the calibre of the warhead and taking the oxygen deficient explosive inside. The round has an even greater effect inside enclosed structures. Later on design solutions, found in the course of the TBG-7V development, constituted the basis for developing RShG-1 and RShG-2 multipurpose assault weapons.

The TBG-7V round is fired form RPG 7V1 and RPG-7D2 launchers, fitted with sights suitable for the ballistics of this round.

TBG-7V roundTBG-7V round


Specifications TBG-7V round

Warhead: termobaric
Warhead calibre, mm: 105
Weaght, kg: 4,5
Effective range of fire, m: 200, 550 (RPG-7V1 with UP-7V)
Casualty radius, m: 10

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