PG-7VS round

RPG-7V anti-tank rocket launcher ammunition

PG-7VS roundPG-7VS round

The main objective of upgrading anti tank rounds for the RPG-7V in the early 1970s consisted in considerably increasing their armour penetration, while preserving weight and dimensions of the PG-7VM round. The work was done by Bazalt in cooperation with a number of special nterprises. V. P. Zaitsev and O. F. Dzyadukh were appointed leading designers.

Characteristics of the new round were improved through the use of more powerful warhead explosives, a brass shaped-charge cone, and a modified cone production technology. A reduction in the spin rate of the rocket along the trajectory decreased the dispersion of the shaped-charge jet, caused by the centrifugal force. Design and technology improvements increased armour penetration from 300 to 400 mm without increasing warhead dimensions. The new PG-7VS round for the RPG-7V rocket launcher entered the inventory in 1973.

The PG-7VS1. fitted with cheaper warhead explosives and featuring an armour penetration of 360 mm, was manufactured in the mid 1970s as well.

PG-7VS roundPG-7VS round


Specifications PG-7VS round

Warhead: HEAT
Warhead calibre, mm: 72
Weaght, kg: 2,0
Direct fire range, m: 310
Effective range of fire, m: 500
Muzzle velocity, m/s: 140
Maximum velocity, m/s: 300
Armour penetration, mm: 400

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