RMG multi-purpose rocket weapon

RMG multi-purpose rocket weapon RMG multi-purpose rocket weapon

The necessity to boost the ability of infantry units to kill enemy manpower in pillboxes and reinforced-concrete shelters during assaults on fortified or populated areas made Bazalt designers develop a totally new disposable multi-purpose rocket launcher.

The launcher carries a tandem warhead. The precursor high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) warhead penetrates armour or other obstacles (reinforced concrete» masonry, etc.). The main warhead creates a fine explosive cloud and takes into the interior through the hole, pierced by the precursor charge. Detonation of the main warhead explosive boasts a multiple effects (high-explosive and incendiary).

The RMG rocket launcher (‘RMG’ stands for “Reaktivnaya Mnogotselevaya Granata” or rocket-propelled mulls-purpose grenade) was developed by Bazalt in the early 2000s. As is the case with disposable anti-tank rocket launchers and mufti-purpose assault weapons, the designation of the new rocket, launcher is the designation of its round. The design project was supervised by leading designer S. Kh. Irtuganov.

The RMG rocket launcher effectively kills soft-skinned and thon-skinned vehicles, manpower inside field fortifications, pillboxes, town buildings and in the open.


Specifications RMG

Warhead type: 105 mm
Warhead calibre: cumulative and tereaobaricheskaya
Weight: 8,5 kg
Length: 1000 mm
Effective range of fire: 600 m
Deployment, time: 10 sec

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