RPG-32 anti-tank rocket launcher

RPG-32 anti-tank rocket launcherRPG-32 anti-tank rocket launcher

The Hashim RPG-32 is a cutting-edge multi-role rocket launcher developed by the Bazalt State Research and Production Enterprise under a contract with the Armed Forces of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The mock-up was for the first time demonstrated on the exhibition stand of the joint Russian-Jordanian JRESCO company at the SOFEX 2006 arms show The main feature of the rocket launcher consists in the fact that the re-usable launcher with the daylight collimator sight weighs only three kilograms and has a length of only 360 mm.

Depending on the mission, a disposable container with a 72 mm or a 105 mm round with either an anti-tank or a thermobaric warhead is attached to the launcher.

The overall weight of the rocket launcher may vary from six to ten kilograms and the length may vary from 900 to 1200 mm depending on the round. This design ensures an efficient combination of the ammunition load, carried by the rocket launcher operator, and the tasks discharged and targets engaged.

The RPG-32 boasts considerable capabilities. An effective range of 700 m and an armour penetration of a 105 mm HEAT round of 650 mm of homogeneous armour (behind ERA) allow the rocket launcher to efficiently kill existing modern and advanced main battle tanks. A 72 mm HEAT round enables the rocket launcher to destroy all medium-armoured and lightly armoured vehicles. Thermobaric rounds effectively counter soft and thin-skinned materiel, enemy manpower in the open and behind covers, as well as various fortifications and reinforced concrete shelters.

The RPG-32 rocketThe RPG-32 rocket

The RPG-32 rocket launcher features good ergonomics, which facilitate its easy operation from various positions, quick and accurate aiming., and easy loading. In the travelling position the sight and the rocket motor electric Igniter are accommodated inside the launcher. The RPG-32 can be equipped with a night sight.

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According to experts, at the present time the RPG-32 is the world’s most advanced rocket launcher, boasting unrivalled combat capabilities and specifications.


Specifications RPG-32

Calibre, mm: 105
Weaght of the launcher with ssghl, kg: 3
Length, mm: 900-1200
Effective range of fire, m: 700
The thickness of punctured armor after overcoming CLE, mm: 650

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