cartridges for underwater weapons

4.5 mm cartridge SPS 4.5 mm cartridge SPS

In the middle of 1960 s research on the possibility creating of small arms under water shooting were carried out at FSUE TSNIITOCHMASH under the Soviet Navy initiative. Complexity and unusual nature of the problem was that conventional cartridge bullets Jose their stability almost immediately when hit in water start somersault and completely lose speed flying no! more than 0.5 meters in water.

Theory developed by Russian scientists has created fundamentally new small firearms such as pistol and submachine gun systems for underwater shooting.

The design of bullets for underwater shooting based on cavitation usage is significantly different from usual small arms shell-bullets. Such bullets of cartridges are 20 calibres length steel rod (conventional bullets is 5 calibres length). The bullets head is made with smooth narrowing of its diameter.

This allowed solving by fundamentally new way complicated problem of bullet stabilizing in water.


General properties of cartridges SPS

Caliber, mm: 4.5
Weight of a cartridge, g: 17.5
Weight of a bullet, g: 12.8
Length of a cartridge, mm: 145
Muzzle velocity, m/s: 350
Accuracy of fire at a distance of 5 m (R 50), cm: not more than 5
Range off a live target, m:
   at a depth of 20 m: 11
   at a depth of 40 m: 6

5.66 mm cartridge MPS 5.66 mm cartridge MPS

New cartridges for enemy’s combat swimmers and marine predators defeating was created on the basis of theory developed at FSUE TSNIITOCHMASH. Thereby 4.5 mm cartridge SPS is made for underwater pistol and 5.66 mm cartridge MPS is made for submachine gun. A special brass cartridge case was developed for pistol cartridge and cartridge case of 5.45 mm submachine gun cartridge (5.45×39) is used for submachine gun cartridge. Bullets and caps fastening in cartridges have a reliable sealing providing cartridges shooting after a long stay in water. The cartridges surface has a protective coating against corrosion in sea water.

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Bullet 4.5 mm and 5.66 mm calibres ensure defeating personnel targets protected by Plexiglas masks thickness up to 5 mm at range in water up to 15-20 m.

4.5 mm underwater special pistol SPP-1 (SPP-1M) and 5.66 mm underwater special submachine gun APS were created under SPS and MPS cartridges for the Navy of the USSR at FSUE TSNIITOC—HMASH.

General properties of cartridges MPS

Caliber, mm: 5.66
Weight of a cartridge, g: 27.5
Weight of a bullet, g: 20.2
Length of a cartridge, mm: 150
Muzzle velocity, m/s: 365
Accuracy of fire at a distance of 5 m (R ), cm: not more than 5
Range off a live target, m:
at a depth of 20 m: 20
at a depth of 40 m: 10


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