9×39 special cartridges

9×39 special cartridges

9x39 special cartridges

In the middle of 1980s a new type of special cartridges 9×39 with subsonic muzzle velocity was created in the USSR. The bullets were intended for silent sniper rifles and silent submachine gun designing at the time and later receiving the names such as VSS and AS. The new weapon was demanded not only by special operations reconnaissance and intelligence units but also special operations units of law enforcement agencies during special combatant urban operations.

Heavy bullet of new cartridges has provided high lethality. At the same time the bullet with subsonic muzzle velocity did not give such dangerous ricochets quantity like conventional rifles and submachine guns bullets. A significant reduction of shot sound level provided by integrated silencer has increased comfort of weapons application in closed containers and facilities.

Subsequently, in addition to VSS and AS under the bullets 9×39 different rifle companies of Russia had developed several models of automatic weapons including submachine guns SR3, SR3M and 9A91, small arms and grenade launcher “Groza”, sniper rifles VSK-94 etc.


Sniper bullet SP5 and 7N9

Sniper bullet SP5Sniper bullet SP5

Sniper bullet 7N9 Sniper bullet 7N9

Cartridge SP5 was created for special sniper rifle VSS «Vintorez» at FSUE TSNIITOCHMASH. Then its production is mastered at Klimovsk special ammunition plant. Subsequently Design bureau of automatic lines has created sniper cartridge 7N9 taking into account demand for this type of cartridge. Development of the cartridge pursued purpose to increase its processability. Production of cartridge 7N9 was mastered at Tula Cartridge Works.

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The cartridge SP5 bullet consists of steel and lead cores placed in bimetallic shell.

The cartridge 7N9 bullet is semi-shell. Steel core’s placed in its nose part for increasing bullet breakdown. Lead core is attached not only required mass for bullet but also provides its penetration into rifled bore- Form of bullet 36 mm length provides good balletic properties when flying at subsonic speed.

The cartridge SP5 bullets have not distinctive painting. The bullet 7N9 head is blue. Packaging cartons for 10 rounds have inscription «Sniper».

sniper bullet cartridges SP5 and 7H9sniper bullet cartridges SP5 and 7H9

General properties of cartridges SP5 / 7H9

Weight of a cartridge, g: 23 / 23
Weight of a bullet, g: 16 / 16
Length of a cartridge, mm: 56 / 56
Muzzle velocity, m/s: 310 / 310


Cartridges SP6 and 7N12

Cartridges SP6Cartridges SP6

Cartridges 7N12Cartridges 7N12

Heightened breakdown cartridge SP6 was developed by FSUE TSNHTOCHMASH simultaneously with cartridge SP5 for shooting from silent submachine gun AS. Its production is also mastered at Klimovsk special ammunition factory. Subsequently, analogue of cartridge SP6 under index 7N12 was created at Design bureau of automatic lines. Development of the cartridge pursued purpose to increase its processability Production of cartridge 7N12 was mastered at Tula Cartridge Plant.

Bullets of cartridges SP6 and 7N12 consist of steel core, lead-shirt and bimetallic shell.

Treatment processing steel core of bullet has much greater length than bullet of cartridge SPS; it fills the entire cavity of bimetallic shell. The nose part of core projects from the shell» The bullet of the cartridges has increased penetrative action due to construction.

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The nose part of cartridge SP6 bullet painted in black. Packaging cartons for these cartridges have distinctive black stripe.

Bullet cartridges and enhanced penetration SP6 7N12 Bullet cartridges and enhanced penetration SP6 and 7N12

General properties of cartridges SP6 / 7N12

Weight of a cartridge, g: 23 / 23
Weight of a bullet, g: 15.6 / 15.6
Length of a cartridge, mm: 56 / 65
Muzzle velocity, m/s: 310 / 310


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