1PN116 Thermal Sights

Thermal sight 1PN116-4Thermal sight 1PN116-4

The 1PN116-2 (3 and 4) thermal sights are designed for target detection and recognition, input of initial firing data and aiming from the SVD and SVDS sniper rifles, PKM and Pecheneg general-purpose machine guns, as well as the NSVS and Kord heavy machine guns.

Compared to IST-based night vision sights, the 1PN116-2 (3 and 4) thermal sights have advantages in concealed target detection and aimed firing under limited visibility, smoke and light jamming conditions. The opportunity to employ the sights is determined only by the existence of the thermal contrast of a target and is independent of the level of the natural night Sight exposure.

The sights operate in the spectral range of 8-14 microns. As a photosensor, the sights use a 320×240 microbolometric matrix.

The sights can be modernized by way of replacement of the 320×240 microbolometric matrix with a 640×480 matrix, reduction of the frame weight and replacement of the power source with AA batteries.

The sights provide for at least 8 hours of continuous operation without replacement of the power source at an air temperature from -50 °C to +50 °C. Indices:
— 1PN116-2 for the 7.62-mm SVD and SVDS sniper rifles;
— 1PN116-3 for the 7.62-mm PKM and Pecheneg general purpose machine guns;
— 1PN116-4 for the 12.7-mm NSVS and Kord machine guns.

Developed by: Tochpribor Central Design Bureau, Novosibirsk.

Manufactured by: NPZ Optics State Plant

Chief Designer: A. S. Kandaurov.

The thermal sight 1PN116-3 on the PKM machine dunThe thermal sight 1PN116-3 on the PKM machine dun

Performance Characteristics   1PN116

Apparent magnification factor: 4,5
Field of view, deg: 8,7х6,5
Man recognition range, m: 1200
Supply voltage, V: 12
Eye relief, mm: 50
Weight,kg: 3,3
Dimensions, mm: 433х132х203

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