1PN110 and 1PN113 Night Vision Sights

1PN113 Night Vision Sights1PN113 Night Vision Sights

The sights are designed for battlefield surveillance, target detection and recognition and aimed firing by night at an ambient temperature of from plus 50° to minus 50 °C.

— 1PN110 for the RPG-29 grenade launcher;
— 1PN113 for the 7,62-mm SV-98 sniper rifle.

The main differences between the 1PN110 and 1PN113 sights are in the values of the sighting angles on the reticles and in the weapon mounting brackets. Aside from that, the 1PN110 sight offers an opportunity to apply temperature corrections for abnormal conditions.

— Gen 3 NTs:
— increased, compared to IPN93-4f recognition range;
— smooth control of the reticle brightness:
— automatic protection against flares;
— there are two reticles: one provides for the sight boresighting on a weapon, and the other one for setting sighting angles;
— the sights come complete with a boresighting tube, a device for determination of the state-of-charge of the batteries and with a battery charger;
— availability of individual, group and repair SPTA sets.

Chief Designer: A. S. Kandaurov.

Developed by: Tochpribor Central Design Bureau, Novosibirsk.

Manufactured by: NPZ Optics State Plant.

Night ritsel 1PN113 on the rifle SV-98Night ritsel 1PN113 on the rifle SV-98

Performance Characteristics 1PN110 / 1PN113

Apparent magnification factor: 3.7 / 3.7
Angular field of view, deg (meters at 100 m): 9 (15.6) / 9 (15.6)
Man recognition range by night at the levei of natural night light exposure of (3-5)x10³ lx, m: 600 / 500
Eye relief, mm: 50 / 65
Boresighfing range:
— elevation adjustment: 0-08 / 0-10
— halving adjustment: 0-08 / 0-08
Range of input temperature corrections, °C:
— «0» -5 – +15
— «-» -15 – -50
— «+» +15 – +50
Time of continuous operation of the sight without replacement off the power source, h: 10 / 10
Power supply voltage, V: 1.2-1.5 / 1.2-1.5
Current consumption, mA, maximum: 120 / 120
Dimensions, mm: 276х90х160.5 / 295х90х125
Weight, kg: 1.65 / 1.60

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