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9 mm 0Ts-01 (TKB-0216) «Kobalt» and OTs-01S revolvers
9 mm AEK-906 «Nosorog» revolvers
9 mm R-92 and R-92KS revolvers
12.3 mm «Udar» and «Udar-S» revolvers
12.3 mm Udar (TSNII TOCHMASH) revolver
12.3 mm «Gnom» smoothbore revolvers
OTs-38 special revolver


PSM small self - loading pistol
OTs-21 "Malish" small self-loading pistol
PM Makarov pistol
The Makarov PMM updated self - loading pistol
GSh-18 Gryazev Shipunov self - loading pistol
APS Stechkin automatic pistol
SPS Serdeukov self - loading automatic pistol
Pya Yariggin pistol
Self - loading pistols MP-444 «Baghira», MP-445 «Varyag» and MP-446 «Viking»
Self-loading pistols MP-448 "Skif" and MP-448C "Skif-Mini"
P96, P96S, P96M pistol
MSP special compact pistol
S-4M special compact pistol
OTs-27 Berdysh pistols
9 mm OTs-35 pistol


PP-91 «Kedr» and PP-9 «Klin» submachine guns
OTs-02 «Kiparis» submachine gun
PP-90 and PP-90M submachine guns
PP-93 submachine gun
PP-90 M1 submachine gun
AEK-919K «Kashtan» submachine gun
AEK-918 submachine gun
AEK-918G submachine gun
SR.2 and SR.2M «Veresk» submachine guns
PP-19 «Bizon» submachine gun
PP-19-01 «Vityaz» submachine gun
PP-2000 submachine gun


9x18 pistol cartridges
9x19 pistol cartridges
9x21 pistol cartridges
7.62x39 submachine gun cartridges
5.45x39 submachine gun cartridges
7.62x54 rifle cartridge
12.7x107 large-caliber cartridges
14.5x114 large-caliber cartridges
9x39 special cartridges
Special captive-piston cartridges
Cartridges for underwater weapons


AKM and AKMS modernised Kalashnikov assault rifles
AK-74 and AKS-74 Kalashnikov assault rifles
AKS-74U Kalashnikov shortened assault rifle
AK-74M Kalashnikov modernized assault rifle
Assault rifles AK-101, AK-102, AK-103, AK-104, AK-105
AK-107, AK-108 and AK-109 with balanced automatic configuration
AN-94 Nikonov assault rifle
AEK-971, AEK-972 and AEK-973 assault rifles
9A-91 shortened assault rifles
A-91M firearm grenade launcher complex
SP.3 «Vikhr» assault rifle
OTs-14 «Groza» firearm grenade launcher complex


SVD Dragunov sniper rifle
SVD S Dragunov sniper rifle
SVU AS (OTs-03AS) shortened snipe rrifle
SV-98 sniper rifle
MTs-116M sniper rifle
OTs-48 and OTs-48K sniper rifles
OSV-96 large caliber sniper rifle
ASVK large caliber sniper rifle


RPK Kalashnikov light machine gun
RPK-74 Kalashnikov light machine gun
RPK-74M Kalashnikov modernized light machine gun
PK / PKS Kalashnikov machine gun
PKM / PKMS Kalashnikov modernized machine gun
PKMT Kalashnikov modernized tank machine gun
PKMB Kalashnikov modernized armored personnel carrier machine gun
«Pecheneg» Kalashnikov infantry machine gun
AEK-999 general-purpose machine gun
NSV-12.7 large calibe machine gun
«KORD» large caliber machine gun
DSHK heavy machine gun
KPVT heavy tank machine gun


PB silent pistol
APB automatic silent pistol
The PSS silent self - loading pistol
VSS special snipe rrifle
AS assaul trifle special
VSK-94 sniper rifle
12.7 mm Vykhiop sniper system
Silent firearm - grenade launcher complex «Kanareyka»
Tishina assault rifle/grenade launcher system
SV-99 sniper rifle
Scout' sfiring knife NRS-2
SPP-1 and SPP-1M special underwater pistols
APS specia lpurpose underwate rassault rifle
18,5 KS-K Saiga-12 Ver.030 special smooth-bore carbine