Radar sight Fara-1

Radar sight Fara-1 on the automatic grenade launcher AGS-17Radar sight Fara-1 on the automatic grenade launcher AGS-17

Russian army use also close combat, weapons equipped by radar sights along with the optoelectronic sights.

Radar sights work in centimetric and millimetric wave bands that make it possible detecting targets and providing weapons guidance at any time, in all weather conditions as well as smokescreen and dustiness of atmosphere.

Portable Multiple Target Surveillance and Weapon Guidance Radar «Fara-1» (1L111) is used as a radar sight in the Russian Armed Forces and was adopted in 1999.

Radar Sight Fara-1 is designed for moving land objects surveillance (single person, group of people, armoured vehicles) and guidance of automatic grenade launcher AGS-17 type, single and heavy machine guns such as Pecheneg and Kord.

Weapons guidance at a moving target is fulfilled by operator at the signal maximum from the target reflection and with it the target range is determined by the radar indicator.

The radar sight manpack set is a portable device carried by one person in the folded state behind an the pack.
Radar sight works in continuous emission mode. Complex signal with double modulation is used for rain influence and flying birds avoidance in the radar near-field.

Chief Designer: N.A. Zaitsev.

Developer and manufacturer of sight – NPO Strela, Tula.

Radar sight Fara-1 heavy machine gun KordRadar sight Fara-1 heavy machine gun Kord

Radar sight Fara-1Radar sight Fara-1

Performance Characteristics «Fara-1»

Scan sector:
— range, m: 5000
— azimuth, degrees: 24; 45; 90; 120
Moving target detection range, km, not less
— man: 2
— tank: 4
Moving target location accuracy:
— range, m: 20
— azsmuth: 0-20
— range, m: 50
— azsmuth: 0-80
Power consumption, wat: 12
Weight, kg: 16,5
Mean time between failures, h: 5000

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