1Р76 Optical Sight

1Р76 Optical Sight1Р76 Optical Sight

The 1P76 optical sight is designed for aiming during firing from the AK 74, AK 74M, AK 102, AK 104, AK 105, AKM and AN 94 assault rifles and RPK 74M, RPK 74N and RPKN light machine guns.

The sight has a wide field of view and single power allowing fast terrain observation under the conditions of fast-moving combat simultaneously with the naked eye and through the sight without losing the target visibility.

With a view to minimizing its weight and dimensions, the 1P76 sight is equipped with a Pechan prism erecting system and a boresighting mechanism with the lens adjustment. The reticle is illuminated by a tritium fight source.

The 1P76 sight is produced against orders of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Border Troops, as well as goes for export to many countries all over the world. The civil version of the Rakurs sight is widely used by hunters.

— single power;
— reticle illumination by a radioluminescent source;
— color of the aiming reticle black by day and green by night.

The sight can be used at the temperatures from minus 50 °C to plus 50 °C.
Chief Designer: A. A. Petrov
Developed by: Tochpribor Central Design Bureau, Novosibirsk.
Manufactured by: NPZ Optics State Plant.

1P76 optical sight on the AK-74M1P76 optical sight on the AK-74M

Performance Characteristics 1P76

Apparent magnification, factor: 1
Angular field of vaew of the sight, deg: 13 (22.5)
Boresighting range:
— elevation adjustment: 0-0.5
— halving adjustment: 0-0.5
Sight dimension, mm (length, height, width): 110х176х64
Weight, kg: 0.5


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