SPP Machine Gun Sights

SPP Machine Gun SightsSPP Machine Gun Sights

The SPP (1OP50) and SPP-M machine gun sights are designed for aimed firing during daylight hours from the NSV-12.7 and Kord machine guns at a distance of up to 2000 m, as well as at dusk and at night with the reticle illumination on.

The SPP sight was used as a base for development of a higher power sight SPP-M. which, apart from machine guns, can be installed on sniper rifles.

The SPP sight for the Utes (NSV-12.7) heavy machine gun was developed by designers L. A. Glyzov and V. M. Kotov in 1972. The main task of the machine gun is to fight soft targets al ranges of up to 1500-2000 m. The sight features variable magnification to meet two conflicting objectives: on the one hand, it is necessary to keep a check on as wide field of view as possible (12° at a magnification of 3х), and on the other hand, improvement of the efficient firing range requires a higher power (6 at a field of view of 6°). The magnification is changed by simultaneous movement of the erecting system lenses along the optical axis according to the Saw set by a mechanical cam.

Illumination of the aiming reticle and the remote power supply system are arranged similarly to the PSO-1 sight.

SPP-M Machine Gun SightsSPP-M Machine Gun Sights

To determine the target range, the sight uses the “base on target” distance measuring technique. The ranging scale within the field of view of the sight provides a means to take the range using a full-height figure target (1.7 m) at a distance of up to 1.000 m.

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— aimed fire to a distance of up to 2000 m in the daytime and in the dusk with the reticle illumination on;
— the sight has a ranging scale and is equipped with halving and elevation adjustment mechanisms;
— the sight comes complete with individual, group and repair SPTA sets;
— the sight can be used at a temperature from minus 50°C to plus 50°C. The SPP sight was put into service in 1972.

Developed by; Tochpribor Central Design Bureau, Novosibirsk- Manufactured by;
NPZ Optics Stale Plant.

Sight Rifle machine-gun machine gun on the SPP Sight Rifle machine-gun machine gun on the SPP “Kord”

Performance Characteristics PSS / PSS-M

Apparent magnification factor: 3/6 / 5/10
Angular field of view, deg (meters at 100 m): 12/6 (20,7/10,5) / 7.5/3.7(13/6.55)
Eye relief, mm: 54,5 / 60
Resolution limit, s: 20/10 / 15/8
Dimensions, mm: 365х96х178 / 393х96х178
Weight, kg: 1.7

/ 1.4


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