OG-7V round

RPG-7V anti-tank rocket launcher ammunition

OG-7V roundOG-7V round

Just like the TBG-7V round, a fragmentation rocket became a necessity in low-intensity conflicts. The feasibility study of such a round was conducted as far back as the mid 1970s. However, back then it was considered redundant lo equip rocket launchers with yet another round, as the strategy envisioned a large-scaie war and introduction of a new round would reduce the number of HEAT rockets in the ammunition Scad, carried by the crew, and make ammunition supply more difficult Enemy manpower was expected to be kied with HEAT rounds, as was demonstrated in Afghanistan and the North Caucasus.

Development oi a fragmentation round for the RPG-7V rocket launcher was resumed in the late 1990s, based on the outcomes of low-intensity conflicts of the late XX century. Bazali developed the OG-7V fragmentation round (leading designer M. M. Konovaevj The OG-7V efficiently kills enemy manpower, wearing body armour, in the open and open field fortifications, as well soft-skinned vehicles. The round does not have a rocket motor, and the muzzle velocity is imparted to the round by the PG-7PM standard expe ling charge.

Simultaneously with developing the fragmentation round, designers came up with the UP-7V versatile sight for the RPG-7V1 rocket launcher. The sight increases the effective range of fire of TBG-7V rounds up to 550 m, and that of OG-7V rounds up to 700 m.

The latest developments of national designers (PG-7VR tandem HEAT round, the TBG-7V thermobaric round, and the OG-7V fragmentation round) have, in fact, transformed an anti-tank rocket launcher into a multi-purpose weapon system, which has significantly boosted firepower of infantry units.

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OG-7V roundOG-7V round


Specifications OG-7V round

Warhead: tragmentation
Warhead calibre, mm: 40
Weaght, kg: 2,0
Effective range of fire, m: 280 (RPG-7V); 350 (RPG-7V1); 700 (RPG-7V1 with UP-7V)
footprint effective against manpower wearing body armour sq m: 150

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