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The pistol machine guns are automatic weapons chambered for firing pistol cartridges. The low powered cartridge makes the weapon to be relatively small in size and light in weight, easy to operate and handle. However, it decreases the sighting range up to 200 m. Usually, the firer fires his pistol machine gun in automatic mode holding it with his hands or pressing it to his shoulder. Currently pistol machine guns are almost squeezed from the В«active service» by submachine guns and assault rifles, however, they are still being used in some armies by tankmen, signal service men and paratroopers. The main users of pistol machine guns are special purpose troops, if only because the cartridge with subsonic velocity of the bullet facilitates the use of silencers. The pistol machine guns remain to be effective «Police» weapon. They continue to be widely used in the armies of countries with unstable situations due to its relative low price and portability. Among the well known combat Models of pistol machine guns is the Israeli «Uzi» made in different modifications, however, many specialists regard them as obsolete versions.

The pistol machine guns are considered to be the most effective «Police» weapon when used in antiterrorist operations. The German made pistol machine gun designated MP5 Heckler and Koch is onsidered to be one of the best in this field. The new generation of pistol machine guns is characterised by its tendency to optimal rate of fire (for better control of the weapon), enhanced low dispersion shot pattern, increased accuracy of automatic and single shot fire, the use of traditional magazines (for more compactness) and magazines of enhanced capacity. It should be noted here that after World War II appeared small pistol machine guns that combined intermediate qualities of both pistols and pistol machine guns. A number of their versions are being carried «in a pistol way» placed in the holsters. These small pistol machine guns proved to be useful not only for В«non combatВ» specialities, but also for special purpose formations. Since antiterrorists operations became part and parcel of modern military actions then pistol machine guns of the new generation will be further used.