Universal Night Vision Sighting System Alfa-1962

Universal Night Vision Sighting System Alfa-1962Night sighting universal Alfa-1962 and its accessories: 1 – night vision monocular Alfa-9022; 2 – Laser pointer Alfa 7115; 3 – IR illuminator Afha-8111; 4 – afocal attachment; 5 – universal mount Alfa 6211; 6 – headband with adjustable straps; 7 – charger-bit UZR-UB

The Alfa-1962 universal night vision sighting system is designed for aimed firing from small arms, reading maps, driving transport vehicles, performing repair operations, etc. under the low-Sight conditions at night and in the dusk.

The system incorporates:
— a head-mounted night vision monocular Alfa-9022;
— a laser target marker Alfa-7115;
— an afoca! optical attachment;
— an infrared illuminator Alfa-8111-2;
— a helmet mount; and
— a battery charger.

The Alfa-9022 head-mounted night vision monocular is secured on a special head harness or a protective hard helmet. The mounting allows for fast change over of the monocular from the operating position to the inoperative position and vice versa The monocular can be also used without the helmet, by holding in hand In this case, it comes complete with the Alta-8111-2 external self-powered IR illuminator which provides for high-quality vision in utter darkness at a distance of up to 150 m, as well as with a 4-fold afocal optical attachment to increase the distance of vssion by half. Furthermore, at the customer’s option, the monocular can be packaged with an adapter that enables night video and photo recording. The monocular is provided with focus and diopter adjustment. For operation in total darkness at small distances (up to 10 m), a local IR illumination system is built in.

The Alfa-7115 laser target marker (ITM) serves for creating a light (illumination) spot on a target observed in the Alfa-9022 night vision monocular. The device provides for a smooth change of the emission intensity of up to 50 times depending on the particular target observation conditions and the illumination spot.

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The system design is simple and reliable to use, provides for necessary protection against dust and moisture, as well as for operation under the salt fog conditions.

Chief Designer: V. Salikov.

Developed and manufactured by: FSUE «Alpha» (Moscow).

Night vision monocular Alfa-9022Night vision monocular Alfa-9022

Night vision monocular Alpha-9022 with the afocal optical head and an infrared illuminator Alfa-8111-2 Night vision monocular Alpha-9022 with the afocal optical head and an infrared illuminator Alfa-8111-2

Night vision monocular Alfa-9022 on the headband with adjustable strapsNight vision monocular Alfa-9022 on the headband with adjustable straps

Performance Characteristics

Range of aimed fire at night under normalized conditions, m: 180
Angle of view, deg: 40
Angle off laser beam intensity divergence at the LTM output, mrad: 0.5
LTM emission wavelength, nm: 820-850
Magnification power of the night vision monocular: 1
IIT generation: 2+ or 3
Monocular focus range, m: 0.25 – ∞
Monocular diopter adjustment range, dpt: -4 – +4
Operating temperature range, °C: -50 – +50
Continuous operation time at +20 °C, h: 20
Voltage of self-contained power supply of all devices, V: 2,5-3,0
Weight g:
night vision monocular: 350
target marker: 310
4x afocal attachment: 420
external infrared illuminator: 120
battery charger: 1000
Dimensions, mm
night vision monocular: 50х70х140
target marker: 120х110х42
4x afocal attachment: 70х50
external infrared illuminator: 22х120
battery charger: 118х85х87.5


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