Giperon Pancratic Sniper Sight

1P59 Pancratic Sniper Sight1P59 Pancratic Sniper Sight

Pancratic sniper sight “Giperon” Is designed for target reconnaissance and aimed fire from sniper rifles. Provides for the automatic input of the sighting angle in the course of target ranging.

Put into service in 2001 Indices:
— 1P59 for the 7.62-mm SVD rifle;
— 1P69 for the 7.62-mm SV-98 rifle;
— 1P70 for the 9-msm SVDK rifle;
— 1P71-1 for the 12.7-mm ASVK rifle.

The use of the 1P59 Giperon pancreatic sight during firing from a sniper rifle makes it possible to improve the efficiency of SVD firing, as compared to the organic PSO-1 sight, 1.3-2 times (depending on the target range and size) for the account of a higher magnification, employment of a more precise range scope, simultaneity of target ranging and setting of the sighting angles, as well as arrangement of the sighting angle setting scale within the field of view of the sight.

For the account of application of the pancratic change of magnification, the use is made off a method of measuring distance to targets of known sizes based on smooth variation of magnification until the target image is inscribed in the ranging mark of the device.

The ranging mark is embodied in the form of 5 lines (the lines length and gaps between them correspond to the shoulder breadth of a man at a respective distance). Aside from that, the ranging mark provides a means of obtaining range to targets with base dimensions of 1.7 m (full-height figure) and 0.75 m (breast silhouette) and simultaneously setting the sighting angle.

Chief Designer: B. P. Maikov.

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Developed and manufactured by: Zverev Krasnogorsk Plant (Krasnogorsk. Moscow Region).

1P71-1 Pancratic Sniper Sight 1P71-1 Pancratic Sniper Sight

Performance Characteristics

Magnification, factor: 3.10
Field of view, deg: 7,8.2,5
Eye relief, mm: 70
Еxit pupil diameter, mm: 10,2.4
Reticle illumination power supply voltage (ER6S, lithium), V: 3,4
Resolution limit: at 3 power – 20; at 10 power – 6
Sighting angle setting error maximum, s: 1
Aiming point range, m:
— during automatic input of sighting angles: 100-1000
— using aiming marks: 1050-1500
Boresighting range:
— elevation adjustment: 0-10
— halving adjustment: 0-10
Sight dimension, mm: 410х82х167
Weight, kg: 1,3


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