MTs 116M sniper rifle

MTs-116M sniper rifleMTs 116M sniper rifle with a 10 round magazine

The need for extremely accurate sniper rifle prompted designers to draw on the experience accumulated by then in sporting target rifles that had been serially produced and showed good accuracy of fire in practice.

The TSKIB SOO design bureau (Tula) developed a sniper variant of the 7.62 mm MTs-116 target rifle designed to fire the 7.62×54 type sporting cartridge for target shooting at a range of 300 m (abbreviation MTs, typical for commercial products of the TSKIB SOO, means “item of the TSKIB’) This rifle features a free floating cantilever heavy-weight barrel contacting with no other parts of the rifle along its length. This ensures steady barrel oscillations easily accounted for during fire for adjustment. The barrel bore is locked by a longitudinally sliding bolt with two Docking lugs on the baldhead. When the chamber is locked, the curved bolt Sever is positioned over the trigger guard making reloading easier after shooting is done.

The hammer firing mechanism is assembled in the bolt the firing pin is cocked when the bolt is unlocked. A protruding end of the firing pin ss a cocking indicator, discernible both visually and by touch. The triggering mechanism is assembled on a separate base and allows adjustment of the trigger pull (from 1.5 to 2.55 kgf) and creep (from 0.5 to 2 mm). Sighting devices are mounted on detachable brackets.

In 1997 the TSKIB SOO design bureau presented a variant of the MTs-116M rifle with the detachable 5/10-round box magazine, new stock with shortened forearm, and butts tock with pronounced pistol small of the neck, In 2001 the final variant of this rifle was revealed (by KBP Tula Instrument-making design bureau since the TSKIB SOO design bureau had already been its subsidiary by that time).

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The one-piece stock includes a massive rectangular butts tock with the cutout for thumb and back of the palm. The butts tock is adjustable in height and length, and the cheek piece (support under cheek) in height. The bipod is mounted on rail in the lower part of the shortened forearm Slot flash suppressor is attached to the muzzle.

The rifle can be completed with the PSO-1 standard optical sight PKS-07U with 7x magnification, POSP 8×42 with 8x magnification and night sights. The MTs-116M rifle is a precision-made weapon manufactured on special orders.

Although the 7N1 and 7N14 rounds have lower accuracy than the Extra target cartridge (for which the MTs-116 was developed), the magazine rifle with manual reloading based on the sporting rifle demonstrates much higher accuracy than the self-loading one does.

Specifications MTs-116M

Caliber: 7,62 mm
Cartridge: 7,62 x 53 R
Weapon weight w/o rds: no more than 6,5 kg
Weapon length: 1,250 mm
Barrel length: 650 mm
Sighting range: up to 600 m
Magazine capacity: 5 or 10 rds



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