OTs-48 and OTs-48K sniper rifles

OTs-48OTs 48 sniper rifle

The high reputation of the Model 1891 Mosin rifle made designers of the TsKIB SOO to convert it into the most recent “sniper” rifle. Thus, made its advent the OTs-48K magazine sniper rifle with the barrel and locking unit bearing strong resemblance to the Model 1891/30 Mosin rifle.

The free sliding barrel is assembled with a short flash suppressor and a front sight post. The sealing of the barrel bore is ensured by the sliding bolt with a bent downward operating handle. The striker is assembled in the bolt with a combat cock and the protruding behind the “hammer”.

The firing mechanism is developed in a more smooth and easy way for precise fire than is the case with its prototype. The wooden buttstock features an adjusted buttplate, “cheek”, and device for a hinged bipod near the front end of a fore grip.

The OTs-48K (shortened) version is developed with some elements of the “bull pup” configuration. The unremovable magazine is built in the buttstock behind the pistol grip which is integral with the butt. The bolt is operated via a special rod connected with it through a pair of hinged levers.

The buttstock is raised up to the required level to provide convenience of work with the optical sight and outfitted with an elastic buttplate. The selected design configuration permitted to develop the ready-made sniper rifle within the relatively small dimensions of 1,000x250x70 mm.
The rifle is equipped with the standard PSO-1 or PKS-07 with magnification 7x sights. The night sights like PKN-03 or iron sighting aids are optional. Instead of a flash suppressor may be attached the PBS (silencer).
Both rifles are custom-made weapons.

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OTs-48KOTs 48K sniper rifle

Specifications OTs-48K

Caliber: 7.62 mm
Cartridge: 7.62 x 53 R
Weapon weight w/o sight: 5.5 kg
Length: 850 mm
Barrel length: 730 mm
Sighting range: 800 m
Magazine capacity: 5 rds



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