1Р63 Collimator Sight

1Р63 Collimator Sight1Р63 Collimator Sight

The 1P63 collimator sight is designed for aiming during firing of from the AKMN. AK 74N, AK 74M, AKS74N and AN 94 assault rifles, Kalashnikov of the hundredth series and RPKN, RPK 74N and RPK 74M light machine guns.

The 1P63 collimator sight provides for convenient and easy aiming and that allows to greatly improve the fire efficiency of small arms in mobile forms of combat, as well as under conditions of limited lime for delivering fire from unstable postures during firing from automatic weapons for the account of reducing the aiming tame and pointing errors.

The weapon is aimed using the aiming mark the image of which is at infinity.

The shape and color of the aiming mark during daylight hours is essentially a triangle (two horizontal lines and one vertical line white in color), and at night — two horizontal lines and one vertical line green in color.
In the dusk, the triangle and all lines are both while and green colored.
— in the daytime, the reticle is illuminated by the sunlight;
— in the dusk, the reticle is illuminated by a radioluminescent source.
— small size.
Chief Designer: S. I. Mikhalenko
Developed by: Tochpribor Central Design Bureau, Novosibirsk.
Manufactured by: NPZ Optics State Plant.

The reflex sight 1P63 on the AK-103 The reflex sight 1P63 on the AK-103

Performance Characteristics 1P63

Apparent magnification, factor: 1
Angular field of vaew of the sight, deg: 13 (22.5)
Boresighting range:
— elevation adjustment: +/- 0-10
— halving adjustment: +/- 0-10
Sight dimension, mm (length, height, width): 133х152х68
Weight, kg: 0.6

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